“People don’t just create diseases to wipe out nations,” I argue.

“The bubonic plague, typhoid fever, smallpox, the bird flu—would you like me to continue?” His voice rises as if he’s determined to make me understand, “They’re created in labs, then given to people to see who is strong enough to survive them. They’re trying to limit the amount of people in the world.” I watch him stand and turn for the door. “There’s a lot about your parents that you don’t know and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can start doing something about it.”



About Deviations

From the day we’re born, we’re introduced to the marvels of modern medicine. It is amazing how a simple vaccine can prevent polio, hepatitis B, rotavirus—the list is almost endless. But, what if that were no longer the case? What if the government unleashed each virus for the sole purpose of controlling the population? Henly Sawyer finds herself discovering this truth for the first time, and as she does, the world that she thought she knew shatters. She wakes in Aurora, a quarantine miles from home, and is forced into a grueling reality. Henly strives to piece together the truth about her parents and their involvement in the unfolding chaos. With the help of her new friends, Renner and Dex, Henly sets out to understand a world that is now filled with Deviations—an infected group of violent, murderous humans.

Who/What is important...

Henly Sawyer: Strong willed, determined, naively loyal, critical seventeen-year-old girl who has spent the majority of her life learning how to be alone. Her parents travel across the country saving the lives with their expertise in medicine.

Drew Sawyer: Full name Andrew, but he goes by his nickname Drew. Very close to Henly. One of the leading surgeons in the world, and is highly known for his excellence in medical research.

Ana Sawyer: Her and Henly are eerily identical. Weak to her ambitions. One of the leading surgeons in the world, and is highly known for her excellence in medical research.

Davis Sawyer: Henly's younger sister is a typical fifteen-year-old girl who looks so much like her father with dirty blonde hair and porcelain skin. Her blue eyes are one of the only qualities she gained from Ana.

Aurora: Aurora is one of ten quarantines in North America. Aurora is concealed in the white ashy mountains of the Lassen Peak mountains in California.

Anson Renner: He believes in doing the right thing regardless of the outcome. He's strong, forgiving, and loyal. He's also a member of the Board as well as head of the Militaris.

Dex Buhl: An optimist who always looks on the bright-side. A mechanic that works within the confines of Aurora.

Quinn Rae: A kind, loyal, and caring Militaris Medic who quickly becomes friends with Henly.

Ellie Rae: Quinn's mother as well as a Militaris Medic. She frequently flies with the Militaris soldiers to assist with any medical needs. She's kind, determined, and has a very commanding presence.

The Deviations: Those infected begin to notice painful blisters all over their face, torso, arms, and legs. Their temperaments change and they became hostile. They kill anything that’s alive, and then they turn on each other, or themselves. Eventually, they self-destruct